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Artificial Intelligence – EU Ethics Guidelines

The Commission’s high level expert group on Artificial Intelligence (AI) has published draft ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI.  The guidelines are intended to ensure that AI respects core values and fundamental rights such as privacy.  Final guidelines will be published in March 2019 which the Commission will review and consider how best to take [...]

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EU/US Trade Talks

The Commission has published proposals for opening trade negotiations with the US on conformity assessment and on elimination of tariffs for industrial goods. This follows the joint statement agreed last July by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and US President Donald Trump. The European Parliament has, however, issued a draft resolution asking the EU Council [...]

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Tax – Move to More Qualified Majority Voting?

The Commission has published a Communication to open a debate on introducing more qualified majority voting (QMV) on tax matters. The Commission claims that the current requirement of unanimity for the adoption of tax legislation is costly and blocks the adoption of vital legislation. It proposes a 4-step approach towards QMV starting with measures [...]

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Copyright Agreement

On 13 February, the EU institutions reached political agreement on the controversial proposed Copyright Directive. Tech giants such as Google and Facebook will be required to share revenue with artists and journalists to ensure a fair remuneration for their works. To allow freedom of expression, GIFs and memes are permitted. Parliament issued a press [...]

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UK Can Revoke Brexit, Rules European Court

The European Court of Justice (ECJ), on 10 December, ruled that the UK may unilaterally withdraw its notification to leave the EU without having to seek approval from the other EU Member States. The Court clarified that the UK could thus remain in the EU ‘under terms that are unchanged as regards its status [...]

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Impact of Brexit on Consumers in Financial Services

Brexit will have ‘unfortunate consequences’ for all consumers in the retail financial sector both in the UK and rest of Europe. Despite safeguards by EU and UK in the withdrawal agreement, many consumers would remain unprotected following the UK’s departure. This was one of the key conclusions of a recent workshop with business and [...]

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EU Council Agrees on Sharing E-Evidence

On 7 December, EU justice ministers approved a Regulation that will require EU-based tech companies to hand over electronic evidence of suspected criminals to law enforcement authorities across borders without the need for judicial approval in the host country. Member States opposed to the proposal argued that it could be abused by certain European [...]

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New Commission Strategy to Tackle Fake News

In the run up to the European elections during 2019, on 5 December, the Commission launched an action plan to tackle disinformation and fake news in Europe. The overall aim is to protect democracy and public debate in view of the elections. One of the key elements of the plan is a call for [...]

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Commission Launches Co-ordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence

On 7 December, the European Commission presented a coordinated plan to promote artificial intelligence in Europe. It targets four priority areas: increasing investment, making more data available, fostering talent and ensuring trust. A number of actions are foreseen over the coming years. These include drafting ethics guidelines for the development and use of AI. [...]

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3rd Annual Plenary of the European Justice Stakeholder Forum 2018, European Economic & Social Committee

The 3rd EJSF plenary took place on 6 November 2018. Hosted once again by Arno Metzler, President Group III (Diversity Group) in the EESC, this year’s discussion was on 'Upholding the EU values in Article 2 TEU - What are they? Why are they important? How can he EU justice sector protect and communicate [...]

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