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EJSF Call for Expressions of Interest

‘EJSF Call for Expressions of Interest’ The EJSF is open for expressions of interest on relevant topics. One area we are currently exploring is support for the EU’s work to combat gender-based violence including online harassment/bullying. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, on 8 March, the Commission highlighted its work in this area [...]

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EU Protection for Whistle-Blowers

‘EU Protection for Whistle-Blowers’ Following a public consultation last summer, it is expected that the Commission will launch a new initiative to provide EU-wide protection for whistle-blowers in the near future. Parliament, in a resolution adopted last October, has also been pushing for an EU instrument to support those who blow the whistle on [...]

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Rule of Law in Europe

‘Rule of Law in Europe’ On 28 February, the European Parliament voted to approve Commission action to preserve judicial independence in Poland and protect the rule of law in Europe. Last December the Commission initiated the so-called Article 7 (1) procedure for the first time concluding that the Polish situation presented a clear risk [...]

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Tax Transparency

‘Tax Transparency’ On 1 March, Parliament voted overwhelmingly in support of a Commission proposal requiring intermediaries – including lawyers – to provide information on EU and global tax schemes bearing certain indicators or ‘hallmarks’. Despite requiring unanimity for adoption, the proposed Directive looks set to be approved by the EU Council in the near [...]

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Brexit Inspires New National Commercial Courts

‘Brexit Inspires New National Commercial Courts’ EU Member States are capitalising on Brexit. In a bid to attract business from London as a major centre for international dispute settlement, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France are setting up new commercial courts to settle international disputes, including in trade and financial sectors, governed by English [...]

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Second Annual Plenary of the European Justice Stakeholder Forum 2017

‘Access to effective justice for EU citizens’ Following the successful launch in 2016 of the European Justice Stakeholder Forum (EJSF), the 2nd annual plenary of the EJSF took place in the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels on 24 April. The event was hosted by EESC member and lawyer, Mr Arno Metzler. [...]

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2nd EJSF plenary, 24 April 2017

The second high level annual EJSF plenary will take place 24 April 2017 in the European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels. The overall theme of this year’s event is ‘Access to Effective Justice for EU Citizens’ with a specific focus on three key issues: impact of Brexit on EU and UK citizens, impact of [...]

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Robotics and AI: Parliament launches new public consultation

Following the recently adopted report on civil law rules in robotics, the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee has launched a public consultation on the topic. The consultation aims to encourage citizen and stakeholders alike to have a say on the future political thinking and legislation in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. The [...]

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Advancing LGBTI equality: new Commission report

The European Commission has published its first annual report on advancing LGBTI equality and mainstreaming in EU laws and policies. To ensure effective implementation, the Commission encourages more cooperation between EU countries, civil society, businesses and other stakeholders and has called on them to join in the fight against discrimination on grounds of sexual [...]

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