Who we are

The EJSF is a high level forum bringing together senior European law and justice policymakers and legal practitioners to address and seek solutions to major challenges facing the justice sector, rule of law, legal profession and citizens.

The EJSF was set up to fill a need, namely for a forum where practitioners, as those closest to European citizens, could meet regularly with policy and law makers in the European justice sector to address major cross-cutting legal issues and challenges facing European citizens and the legal profession and to support sound policy and law making.

The EJSF was launched in February 2016 at a high level roundtable event in the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) co-hosted by the Chair of the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee Mr Pavel Svoboda and by EESC member Mr Arno Metzler, and with the participation of a number of distinguished speakers including the European Commissioner for Justice, Mrs Věra Jourová and the European Commission Director General for Justice, Mrs Tiina Astola.

The running of the EJSF including organisation of meetings and events is conducted by Passerelle public affairs, Dr. Fiona Murray, acting as secretariat.

For more information about the EJSF, contact us here.