As part of its overall Digital Package (see above), the EC put forward its vision for future regulation of AI and data. The AI White Paper sets out options for future regulation that seeks to balance development of AI with respect for European values and fundamental rights. Legislative proposals on safety, liability, fundamental rights and data will follow. The Communication on a European Data Strategy, published at the same time, aims to create a regulatory framework for data governance, access and reuse. This will also incorporate sectoral acts to build European data spaces, for instance in manufacturing, mobility and health. Both papers are now open for public consultation.

AI and sustainable finance are also priority topics for the European Retail Financial Forum (ERFF), managed by Passerelle. A first dialogue with EU consumer representatives, on 30th January, addressed issues such as: a level playing field for all financial services providers including Big Tech; data ownership and consent; as well as challenges to trust and privacy. A technical workshop with a wider group of stakeholders including the European Commission, is planned for 30th March 2020.

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