COVID-19 continues to present many challenges to rule of law and fundamental rights. Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) is to be a major focus of the EU’s recovery plan. European Justice Commissioner, Didier Reynders, has promised new legislation in 2021 imposing mandatory due diligence in relation to social and environmental impacts both within companies’ operations and through their supply chains. This follows the publication of a study, mandated by the European Commission. Addressing the OECD’s Global Forum on RBC, European Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan confirmed that the EU will also focus on specific sector challenges such as child labour and deforestation. In addition, the Commission has launched a consultation to review the reporting obligations of businesses under the Non-Financial Reporting Directive with a view to better integrating environmental and biodiversity criteria.

The 5th annual EJSF plenary is currently scheduled to take place in November this year – topic to be confirmed but is likely to be COVID-19 related.

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