In June, the EC launched a public consultation (until 15th September) on a comprehensive review of EU trade policy. Topics include WTO reform and how to maximise the contribution of trade policy to addressing key global challenges including climate change and sustainable development. Addressing the OECD Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct on 19th June, EC Trade Commissioner, Phil Hogan, included EU regulation on conflict minerals and planned new EU legislation 2021 on mandatory due diligence as important elements in the trade review.

Also on trade, the EC has published a White Paper on the distortive effects to the Single Market caused by subsidies granted by non-EU governments. Subsidies which facilitate the acquisition of EU companies or which distort investment or bidding in public procurement may create unfair advantages to the detriment of non-subsidised companies. The paper and accompanying consultation (until 23rd September) seek to address and find solutions to these regulatory gaps. On the basis of input received, the EC will present draft legislation during 2021.

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