The 5th annual EJSF plenary will take place on Thursday 3rd December 2020, 14h – 16h00 CET (online). This year’s topic will be ‘A global standard for Mandatory Due Diligence: EU leadership towards a more sustainable world’. The event will be hosted by European Economic & Social Committee member Professor Bernd Schlűtter. Confirmed speakers include MEP Lara Wolters, rapporteur on corporate due diligence, and representatives from H&M, Nestlé and law firm White & Case.

The plenary will focus on the legal aspects of the EC’s future legislation on sustainable corporate governance including mandatory due diligence (MDD) by companies in their supply chains. A panel of speakers representing different sectors will discuss how to create resilient supply chains, key elements of MDD and specific issues such as deforestation and child labour.

The passage of the draft EU legislation, expected 1Q2021, will give rise to much legal debate and discussion in the coming year. Lawyers representing a range of sectors, EU and global, are invited to participate in the 5th EJSF plenary. The event may lead to the setting up of a new EJSF working group on Sustainable Corporate Governance (SCG) MDD to continue engagement with EU policymakers on the legal aspects of the initiative in the context of the EU’s broader sustainability agenda.

For more information, please contact the secretariat here.