The EC has launched two major initiatives to help support the financial sector, including consumers, towards recovery. A digital finance package, including a strategy on retail payments, aims to make EU rules more digital-friendly and safe for consumers. The accompanying legislative proposals on crypto-assets and digital resilience seek to ensure access to innovative financial products and modern payments solutions, while safeguarding consumer protection and financial stability.

The new action plan to boost the EU’s Capital Markets Union (CMU) aims to ensure that businesses, including SMEs, can access the financing they need for recovery and that EU savers have the confidence to invest. The intention is that vibrant capital markets will also support the EU’s ‘green and digital transition’.

Supporting consumers, business and policymakers towards a sustainable recovery in retail financial services, is the top priority of the European Retail Financial Forum (ERFF), managed by Passerelle. A consumer/business dialogue on 20th October will lead into the 3rd ERFF annual ‘Consumers at the heart of finance in Europe’ conference in November. With EU policymakers also present, the conference will address immediate issues and possible solutions, including access to consumer credit and insurance, debt advice and support.

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