Today, much of EU policy and law making is focused on recovery, resilience, sustainability and tackling climate change. COP26 is likely to spur even more regulation and policies with impacts for all kinds of assets and global supply chains.

Among the many relevant EU initiatives, the European Commission has promised draft legislation on Sustainable Corporate Governance including Mandatory Due Diligence (SCG/MDD) by companies on social and environmental impacts through their supply chains. Presentation of the proposal has been delayed in part due to the complexity involved, but the EC is still hoping to present it before the end of this year.

In December last year, the 5th EJSF plenary focused on some of the main legal challenges facing companies in applying the future EU SCG/MDD legislation, with a particular focus on enforcement and civil liability.

In the light of the many developments related to climate change and COP26, the 6th EJSF plenary early 2022 (date tbc) will focus specifically on the environmental aspects of the SCG/MDD initiative with the working title: Climate Change & Mandatory Due Diligence: how can Companies and Investors best prepare? ESG-focused lawyers, business and EU policymakers will discuss the opportunities and challenges which the EU’s SCG/MDD proposal presents for companies doing business in Europe including benefits, scope, duty of care, liability and how to prepare robust and effective diligence strategies in the light of the changing and sometimes conflicting regulatory landscape on climate change in Europe and globally.

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