We host and arrange an annual high level plenary event with the participation of senior representatives of the EU institutions such as the European Commissioner for Justice, the Commission’s Director General for Justice and the Chair of the European Parliament Legal Affairs Committee. For more information click here

We arrange workshops, seminars & meetings with relevant EU policymakers on specific topics or issues. These meetings help inform sound law and policy-making, raise awareness of a particular issue,  build relationships and trust among stakeholders.

We are a platform for relevant projects & campaigns.

Examples of topics addressed by the EJSF:

  • Access to effective justice for EU citizens and business
  • Brexit: impact on free movement of UK/EU citizens from a lawyers’ perspective
  • Impact of digitalisation & technology on the legal sector
  • UNGPs on business & human rights for EU lawyers, citizens and business
  • Migration and the rule of law
  • The role of international courts in decision making