Artificial Intelligence

One area which poses many challenges to fundamental rights is artificial intelligence (AI). On 21st April 2021, the European Commission will present a horizontal legislative proposal for trustworthy AI. The proposal follows last year’s White Paper and an extensive public consultation. The new proposal is expected to designate and establish new legal requirements for [...]

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Artificial Intelligence & the new EU 2020+

On 26th June, the Commission’s Expert Group on AI published recommendations to the EU on how AI can best support citizens, business and administrations in ways that both benefit and protect. The Commission also launched a pilot process to test the ethics guidelines recommended by the expert group in April. The outcome of both [...]

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Artificial Intelligence – EU Ethics Guidelines

The Commission’s high level expert group on Artificial Intelligence (AI) has published draft ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI.  The guidelines are intended to ensure that AI respects core values and fundamental rights such as privacy.  Final guidelines will be published in March 2019 which the Commission will review and consider how best to take [...]

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