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New EC Digital Finance and CMU packages

The EC has launched two major initiatives to help support the financial sector, including consumers, towards recovery. A digital finance package, including a strategy on retail payments, aims to make EU rules more digital-friendly and safe for consumers. The accompanying legislative proposals on crypto-assets and digital resilience seek to ensure access to innovative financial [...]

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New EC fair tax package

As part of the EU recovery agenda, the EC has adopted a comprehensive new tax package. The overall aim is to boost tax fairness, protect against unfair competition and increase transparency. The package consists of an action plan setting out 25 actions to improve tax fairness and simplicity, a proposal to extend EU tax [...]

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Impact of Brexit on Consumers in Financial Services

Brexit will have ‘unfortunate consequences’ for all consumers in the retail financial sector both in the UK and rest of Europe. Despite safeguards by EU and UK in the withdrawal agreement, many consumers would remain unprotected following the UK’s departure. This was one of the key conclusions of a recent workshop with business and [...]

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Anti-Money Laundering

‘Anti-Money Laundering’ During May the EU Council adopted the 5th anti-money laundering Directive. EU Member States have 18 months in which to transpose the Directive into national law. Meanwhile, there is talk of a 6th Directive. The European Parliament’s special tax committee is continuing its programme of hearings and workshops to highlight anti-money laundering [...]

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