EU Global Gateway Strategy – Strengthening Global Partnerships

As a key feature of its external focus, the EU is stepping up global engagement with partners who share its values. Commission President von der Leyen identified the recently agreed EU Indo-Pacific strategy as a template for Europe’s connectivity with the rest of the world. Called ‘Global Gateway’, this new strategy aims to build partnerships with [...]

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New EU Chips Act

"Creating links, not dependencies" said Commission President von der Leyen during her SOTEU speech, emphasizing the EU’s ambition to reduce reliance on external supplies of core products and parts. The Commission plans to propose a new European Chips Act, aiming to create a state-of-art European ecosystem for the design and production of semiconductor chips. [...]

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Inaugural EU-US Trade & Technology Council

Semiconductor (chip) supply chains were one of the key points discussed at the first meeting of the new EU-US Trade & Technology Council meeting in Pittsburgh on 29th September. The TTC broadly aims to boost EU/US cooperation and align EU and US approaches on technology, economic and trade issues based on share democratic values. Key outcomes of [...]

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Artificial Intelligence & the new EU 2020+

On 26th June, the Commission’s Expert Group on AI published recommendations to the EU on how AI can best support citizens, business and administrations in ways that both benefit and protect. The Commission also launched a pilot process to test the ethics guidelines recommended by the expert group in April. The outcome of both [...]

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Towards Trustworthy AI and a New AI Europe Forum

The EU’s ambition to set a global standard for trustworthy AI moved a step closer on 8th April with the publication of a Communication indicating its next steps. The EU aims to take forward the guidelines of a High-Level Expert Group, published on the same day. The next steps also include a piloting phase [...]

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EU – US Digital Cooperation

In a speech to the DC-based Brookings Institute, on 11th April, European Commissioner for Justice and Data Protection, Vera Jourova, called on the US to join the EU to develop a common approach to challenges posed by the tech revolution. Inviting the US, along with like-minded partners such as Japan, to build a ‘global [...]

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Artificial Intelligence – EU Ethics Guidelines

The Commission’s high level expert group on Artificial Intelligence (AI) has published draft ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI.  The guidelines are intended to ensure that AI respects core values and fundamental rights such as privacy.  Final guidelines will be published in March 2019 which the Commission will review and consider how best to take [...]

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Commission Launches Co-ordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence

On 7 December, the European Commission presented a coordinated plan to promote artificial intelligence in Europe. It targets four priority areas: increasing investment, making more data available, fostering talent and ensuring trust. A number of actions are foreseen over the coming years. These include drafting ethics guidelines for the development and use of AI. [...]

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EU progress on Artificial Intelligence strategy

The Commission is pressing on with its strategy on Artificial Intelligence, launched in April this year. The strategy focuses on increasing investments to boost the EU's technological and industrial capacity and to drive uptake of AI technologies. A high level expert group is preparing recommendations for legal and ethical guidelines, with a first version [...]

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AI and Blockchain

‘AI and Blockchain’ Artificial intelligence and blockchain were major themes of the OECD's annual forum in Paris, 29 and 30 May 2018, which Passerelle attended. Forthcoming initiatives include a forum on blockchain that will take place in September. On 8 June the OECD’s competition directorate hosted a hearing on blockchain and competition policy. Earlier [...]

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