Sustainable Corporate Governance: mandatory due diligence legislation, cocoa sector

The EC has launched a consultation, until 8 October, on sustainable corporate governance (SCG) including future legislation on mandatory due diligence (MDD). The consultation draws on two EC studies published this year, one on due diligence requirements through the supply chain; the other on directors’ duties and sustainable corporate governance. Based on feedback from [...]

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European Justice Stakeholders Forum news

COVID-19 continues to present many challenges to rule of law and fundamental rights. Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) is to be a major focus of the EU’s recovery plan. European Justice Commissioner, Didier Reynders, has promised new legislation in 2021 imposing mandatory due diligence in relation to social and environmental impacts both within companies’ operations [...]

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Trade review & foreign subsidies

In June, the EC launched a public consultation (until 15th September) on a comprehensive review of EU trade policy. Topics include WTO reform and how to maximise the contribution of trade policy to addressing key global challenges including climate change and sustainable development. Addressing the OECD Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct on 19th [...]

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EU Council Agrees on Sharing E-Evidence

On 7 December, EU justice ministers approved a Regulation that will require EU-based tech companies to hand over electronic evidence of suspected criminals to law enforcement authorities across borders without the need for judicial approval in the host country. Member States opposed to the proposal argued that it could be abused by certain European [...]

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New Commission Strategy to Tackle Fake News

In the run up to the European elections during 2019, on 5 December, the Commission launched an action plan to tackle disinformation and fake news in Europe. The overall aim is to protect democracy and public debate in view of the elections. One of the key elements of the plan is a call for [...]

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Parliament Position on Copyright

On 12 September, the European Parliament voted to approve controversial amendments to the proposed Copyright Directive. If adopted by EU member states (in Council), the changes would create a so-called “link tax” obliging companies such as Google and Facebook to pay publishers for showing news snippets or linking to news stories on other sites. Another adopted [...]

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Rule of law in Hungary and Poland

On 12 September, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of asking EU Member States to determine, in accordance with Treaty Article 7, whether Hungary is at risk of breaching the EU´s founding values. This is the first time that Parliament has used this procedure to call on the EU Council to act to [...]

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New Rules to Protect EU Democratic Processes

As part of his SOTEU, President Juncker expressed his concern about current challenges to the rule of law in Europe - among others to freedom of the Press. With the European Parliament elections in May 2019 in mind, he announced that the Commission is proposing new rules to better protect the EU’s democratic processes [...]

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President Juncker’s State of the Union speech

In his annual State of the European Union (SOTEU) speech on 12 September Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker outlined the Commission’s priorities for his last year in office. These include a proposal for more qualified majority voting in tax and certain EU foreign policy areas such as economic sanctions and human rights. He also spoke [...]

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