The EJSF’s flagship event is the annual high level EJSF plenary bringing together senior legal and justice stakeholders from the EU institutions and EJSF private sector members to discuss and seek solutions on major issues affecting the practice of law and justice in the European Union.

Expressions of interest for topics for future EJSF plenaries are also welcome. Contact us here.

  • 1st EJSF plenary, February 2016, The Future of Justice in the EU: challenges and opportunities: Programme
  • 2nd EJSF plenary, April 2017, Access to Effective Justice for EU Citizens: Programme
  • 3rd EJSF plenary, November 2018, Upholding the EU values in Article 2 TEU: What are they? Why are they important? How can the EU justice sector protect and communicate them to EU citizens?: Programme
  • 4th EJSF plenary, November 2019, Rights under threat: how can the EU Fundamental Rights Charter work better for citizens? Programme
  • 5th EJSF plenary, December 2020, A global standard for Mandatory Due Diligence: EU leadership towards a more sustainable world: Programme
  • 6th EJSF plenary, March 2022, Climate Change and the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence proposal: how can companies best prepare? Programme

For more information about the next EJSF plenary, please contact us here